Detroit by bike: Documenting the city from the saddle

The Detroit By Bike web site’s tag line is “Random adventures around Detroit on bicycle” — and the site has the photos to prove it.

Last May I had an idea with a friend that we should ride bikes around Detroit all summer and take pictures. I’ve been taking pictures of Detroit for a long time and I have about every burnt down, decayed building there is. But I feel like those pictures are capitalizing on Detroit’s series of misfortunate events. So when I set out on this adventure, I decided to only photograph positive things. My idea evolved and eventually had a new twist. I decided I wanted to photograph all the urban gardens/farms in Detroit over the summer and watch them grow and evolve. Then I found out there are over 500. Too many to hit in one summer. So the concept is this: I ride around on my bike and look for gardens. When I find one, I ask for permission and if the people are ok with it I photograph it. Most of the time I leave it to random chance, but sometimes they are suggested to me by friends. Along the way, as I find interesting things I photograph them too. I can’t say there won’t be any abandoned buildings on the blog because it would be pretty hard to keep them out of the pictures. Overall though, ruined buildings are not the purpose of my adventure. Riding around and discovering unique, interesting, positive things about Detroit is.

It looks like some of the photos can be purchased on Etsy as well.


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