Novi non-motorized visioning workshop this Wednesday

We received this notice from the city of Novi’s planning department:

Everyone who lives and/or works in the City of Novi is encouraged to participate in the creation of the City’s Non-Motorized Transportation Plan.  As discussed with the [Walkable Novi Committee and Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Steering Committee] members, several methods would be used to collect input.  The following collection venues are now in place:

1. A web-based survey Click here for Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Survey available on the City’s web page,

2. Fall for Novi – The Community Development Department will staff a Non-Motorized Transportation Plan table at the event and collect input via a paper copy of the above survey and collect verbal and written comments.  In addition, a City of Novi pathway and sidewalk map will be handed out.

3. Two workshops are scheduled:

Project Visioning Workshop
Wednesday, September 29th at 7pm
Novi Public Library

Preliminary Plan Workshop
Tuesday, October 26th at 7 pm
Novi Public Library

4. Additional information is also available on the City’s web page at

Please share this information with everyone that works or lives in Novi.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the project, contact the City’s consultant, Greenway Collaborative, at or City Planner Mark Spencer at

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