Tour de Troit brings de light

Tour de Troit rest stop at Gabriel Richard Park on the Detroit RiverDe light? Okay, bad pun, but it certainly seemed that most of the 2,000 cyclists who rode in yesterday’s Tour de Troit were enjoying themselves.

And for many, it shined a light on bicycling in Detroit and the city itself — the good stuff along with the blemishes.

For one reason or another, this event has not received a great deal of media coverage. That seemed to change this year as WXYZ had live TV coverage during the morning of the event, some of which is on their web site.

The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press also published post event summaries with photos.

State Representative Rashida Tlaib was also at the start and seemed very pleased to have so many cyclists in her Southwest Detroit district.

One very memorable (albeit unplanned) event during the ride was when the 100+ metric century cyclists passed the 30-mile riders heading the opposite direction on E. Grand Boulevard. Video of the larger group is on YouTube and it gives some idea of how large this event has become.

Compared with last year, this event grew by a whopping 80%. What’s going to happen next year? Will there be 3,000 cyclists?

It’s a great question and one that the Tour de Troit leaders are already discussing.

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  1. Todd Scott Says:

    But wait! There’s more:
    — A very well done video from the 100K ride has been posted on Facebook.
    Let’s Save Michigan also has a great writeup.

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