“Bike-in” at the Motor City Moviehouse

Motor City MoviehouseDetroit’s Russell Industrial Center recently started an outdoor theater called the Motor City Moviehouse.

It’s more than your old-school drive-in theater. They’re encouraging folks to walk-in and bike-in by only charging them $2 and giving them special reserved seating near the front. Those who arrive by car are charged $5 and large vehicles (e.g. SUVs) cost $10.

Their schedule is posted on their myspace page. This Saturday’s movie is Dementia 13, the first movie directed by Detroit-born Francis Ford Coppola. The movie starts at 10pm.

The Russell Industrial Center is at 1600 Clay Street just east of I-75 and just below Hamtramck.

As Gadget would say, “Ride with buttered popcorn.”

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